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Hello friends.

In the past couple of months I decided to start trading on stock market to gain additional money for my citizen development. Of course, last economy changes in the game somehow ruined this at some point, but this is not the topic of this post.

So when I made this decision, first thing I had to do was to buy a license. It cost me a lot, and I mean A LOT effort to check import and VAT taxes in different countries and the stock pricea on appropriate markets before I make my decision. As I think a lot of you had the same problem, here is the solution:

I am glad to represent to you my last project - eRepublik stats website.

What you can see there?

IRC and Sites
Full list of all eCountries IRC channels and official sites. If you find some broken link or inactive channel please mail to

This section provides info about citizens in eRepublik. Active citizens by country, new citizens today, and Citizen search tool. If you want to see the citizen profile, just click in his/her name.

Economy >> Taxes
At this section you can see VAT and Import taxes for Food, Weapons, Food raw materials and Weapon raw materials in each country in eRepublik, or view them all and sort by lowest/highest.

Economy >> Resources
The most important information if you have a company and want to be the best Manager in the eWorld. This page will show you the bonuses each country has. So if you want to raise your production by changing your citizenship this is the first place you must look at.

Economy >> Market
This is the place to look over the first 50 offers on different markets, or view prices for particular stock and sort by lowest/highest. You can also use our Price calculator to see the price after VAT and Import tax deduce i.e. what will you get for your goods if you have a license.

Economy >> Job Market
Want to earn more by working?. View top 10 job offers for a specific country or compare all.

At this section you can view results for Country President elections (work in progress), Party President elections (work in progress) and Congress elections results.

View main outgoing battles in the eWorld with info for domination and BH name and influence. Also do not miss our Influence and training calculators.

For now there are 3 calculators - Influence and damage calculator i.e. damage per hit depending on your Military rank and strength and total damage for random number of hits, Company  and Price calculators - first one calculates your income for particular company and second - automaticaly deduce the VAT and Import tax to see wxactly how much you will get if you sell on foreign market with a licence and the last in this section - Training calculator.

News and Comments
Here you will find info if new features are presented or old is improved. We will be glad to receive your feedback in our Contact Us or Comment section.

The Game >> About
Some info about the game called eRepublik

The Game >> Short tutorial
A short tutorial to learn the basics about the interface and the gameplay. Also includes explanation of the so called "First day" missions (in a couple of days).

I intend to continue working on this and extend the site as much as possible. So any feedback via e-mail or Comment on the site is welcome.

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