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e-Indian Embassy!
« on: May 23, 2012, 02:45:24 pm »
Hello Citizens of e-Ireland, I am SayantanK, the Ambassador of India at Ireland and UK...........I am writing this post to introduce you all to e-India's Cabinet........

The Executive
President: Alector
Vice-President: Rebelash
Presidential Advisor: Exibot

Department of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA): maverick10 Dodge Knight
Deputy MoFA (Ambassadors): Don Bazilio
Deputy MoFA (Ambassadors): Commius

Department of Defence
Minister of Defence (MoD): Gaurav12
Minister of Defence: Abhinay Gupta

Department of Finance
Minister of Finance (MoF): Dushyanth
Financial Advisor: Kismu
Financial Advisor: sharry

Department of Internal Affairs (Mentors)
Minister of Internal Affairs (MoIA): Octavius Dryst
Deputy MoIA: Samoss the Great

Department of Media and Culture
Minister of Media and Culture: ArawnLives
Minister of Media and Culture: Marie von Gablitz

Thank you for reading this Post.........and I hope we'll can be good friends!

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