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Embassy of eBelarus
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:16:37 am »
Hello eIreland,

My name is joey millz
I am the ambassador to eBelarus as of 16/5/2012


Currently occupies 1 territory

Current CP: PaulFromMinsk

CP priorities:
1. To liberate our occupied regions.
2. More fun in game for Belarusian players.


Ministry of Defense: simust2, St. Russian.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Denis Karpenok.
Embassy Coordinator: iProphet.
Advisor to the President for Foreign Policy: ValdemarButor.

Ministry of Finances: PaulFromMinsk and kainby.

Ministry of Information/ Ministry of Culture:
Eugene Just II, BelkaPabelka.

Department of Demography:
xoni, Maksim Koronchik, Kirill Volkov.

Top Party (run by CP): Nezalezhnaya Belarus
Top Military unit: Dogs Of War

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