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Embassy of Brazil
« on: August 12, 2012, 04:17:33 am »

Hello Irish citizens and friends,

I'm Rafaia the new Brazilian ambassador in Republic of Ireland.
 My mission in Ireland is strengthen the relation Brazil - Ireland!
We search an approximation of the two populations.

Government team - August:

President:  Vigoncalves86

Deputy president:  Volkofff

House Civil: Major Henry, dfgusmao and Marcelo Braga

Government Board:  Olorum, nunogomez, BIG GIL, ItsMeYoshi and Ryan Cullen

Ministry of Defense:  piresfelix, Laerte Bessa, Fellipe Dias da Silva, Jota123, sterling_knightt, Yuri Giovanni

Ministry of Economy:  Diego virmond and Andre Tenorio

Ministry of Communication:  PedreiroRC, Ronaldo Rozenbaum, Carol do Cerrado

Ministry of Education:  JCM Dias, Maria Alice Vergueiro, Koz9 And-Galo, Fufuzao, Cara de Gato, Trayker Houston and SupeR FrangU

MoFA: LeviIIII and Leeooam


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