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Embassy of eJapan
« on: August 25, 2012, 01:41:21 am »
Hello everyone, my name is tarasino,

and the Japanese government has given me the honor of being the new ambassador here in eIrland. I hope that my presence here, will be of help for constant raproachement between our two countries and i for myself will give everything to strengthen the economic and military cooperation between our two communities.

First of all a little info on eJapan

Our forum is:

At the moment (August 2012), our government and consists of:

President: Nowe
Vice President:
Minister of Defense: DankChronic
Internal Affairs Minister: Myung Kei
Foreign Affairs Minister: Greatmoff
Minister of Finance: Geezus
Minister of Culture: Daisuke Hideyoshi

For more information about our economy and administration:

If you have other questions about Japan just write me a message (here or in-game) and I will reply as soon as possible.
Obviously, this embassy spaces are open to all fans of Japanese culture. So, if want to discuss anime, manga, cosplay or video games, do not be shy.


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