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Embassy of eRomania
« on: August 14, 2012, 02:50:08 pm »
Hello eIreland,

My name is adytzuuu and I am the ambassador of eRomania in your lovely country.
I am very happy to be here and I hope our countries will work very well togheter. I am here to make it happen :)

My game link is

I guess I should present the current Romanian Administration:

Romanian Administration for August 2012

CP - freegigi

vCP - Shadow_man83

Counselors - Turturica, Musashi_san, Naufragiatu

MoFA - Bogdan Armand Sibrand
vMOFA - redbody, johanna11 and PrivatKaze

MoD - Claudiu976
vMod - Little Hobbit, aladinus, cristi4seby, ion-voda, Schmidt Bogdan, ThOrNus, tora0213

Finances - evilc, googoodoll

Education - Mlendea Horatiu

If you want to discuss anything you can allways PM me or join our chat on rizon  #RoMoFA or you can visit our country on #eromania

I wish you all the best,
Romanian Diplomat Core

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