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Embassy of ePortugal
« on: February 10, 2012, 02:19:11 pm »
Hello Ireland,

Im EinsteinCMPT ingame, and im the new Embassador of Portugal in Ireland. I Hope that we can develop a great relation between both countries, and help each others, more than we have already done. Now, presenting our Government.

February's Governement:

President - Justino Figueiredo
Vice President's - Lucifel and Allister

Ministery of Foreign Affairs - SRibeiro
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs - Valkyria Vala

Minister of Defense - rb3592
Vice Minister of Defense - Pinhas7

Minister of Social Development - Bitorino
Vice Minister of Social Development - TheMew

Minister of Finances - Csc11
Vice Minister of Finances - LucasOliveira11

Minister of Interior and Communication - EinsteinCMPT
Vice Minister of Interior and Communication - Blue69Diamond

Good Luck InGame! o7

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