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What's this all about then?
« on: May 30, 2012, 01:37:44 am »
Hey guys,

Started eRepublik yesterday after a friend linked it to me, seems like some good stuff.
Figured most things out at this stage, am lvl15 and part of eIrish Boot Camp.

The thing i'm struggling with most is the politics of it all :P
If someone can fill me in on what eIreland is up to or link me to places where I can find out, that'd be sweet.
(example: are we or arent we supposed to be keeping Scotland right now?)

So, at lvl15: should I avoid buying food/guns at this stage? or should is buying stuff important for leveling up?
I'm currently focusing mainly on upgrades that dont cost gold, and avoiding building new buildings (like training centres I don't have gold to even use)

Also, I went a bit too far with my initial "learn by doing" plan...
and am stuck in a 1IEP job for the next couple of days, so supplies are more than welcome :D

In-game I'm Mr.Apoc

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